Old Telegraph Station Museum

Museum built 1860 of local stone as a telegraph station, designed by the Colonial Architect.

The museum portrays the local history of Gawler and district with displays of objects in context, located in a Heritage listed building this is a fine two-story stone structure initially built to house a telegraph office and first used in 1861. Subsequent uses include a school of mines and an electoral office, and most recently for the Gawler Museum.

Significant items in the museum’s collection include: a Triola, Aoelian Orchestralle, box piano, Paternosters’ musical instrument, John McKinlay’s travelling chests, Timer fashion dresses and Hoffman’s pottery.


59 Murray Street
Gawler 5118 SA

Phone: (08) 8522 4709

Opening Times

Closed until Tuesday 19 January 2021

Tuesday to Friday, 1pm to 4pm, or by appointment.

Entry Fees

$3.00 per Adult
$2.50 Concession