Gawler Business Development Group

***COVID-19 RESPONSE: Gawler Business Development Group are offering businesses negatively impacted by Covid-19 access to various business support services to assist your business in recovering, contact Caren on the contact details below for further details***

“Where your success in business matters”

The Gawler Business Development Group Inc. primarily represents the interests of Gawler businesses operating from commercial premises. Landlords of Commercial premises pay a ‘Levy’ for approximately 400 businesses who then automatically receive membership. Businesses who are not in commercial premises already paying the levy may join by paying a membership fee.

The objectives and purposes of the Gawler Business Development Group are:

  • To promote and market the businesses of the Town of Gawler;
  • To develop and adopt strategies to develop, manage, coordinate and fund marketing initiatives;
  • To support and encourage the economic viability of businesses generally within the Town of Gawler Local Government region;
  • To represent the interests of the business community;
  • To provide business development opportunities to new and existing businesses.

The Gawler Business Development Group provides various marketing opportunities via:

  • The Gawler Business Directory, where 500+ businesses information and contact details are listed and promoted;
  • A Gawler regional television commercial;
  • Social media – facebook, twitter and linkedin;
  • Developing and managing events that draw traffic to the region including:
    • Annually – Business Conferences, Expos and Festivals plus high profile guest speakers, networking opportunities.
    • Monthly –Workshops, forums and business development programs,

Additional services and events offered with a much broader focus on engaging small business owners and managers into peer networking and information sharing are being implemented.

For further information, please contact GBDG on :
Tel: 0488 440 588

Gawler Business Development Group Website

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Gawler Business Development & Marketing Separate Rates

At the request of the Gawler Business Development Group, Council has levied the following separate rates to fund Group activities to develop additional marketing, as well as to develop, organise and manage integrated programs for the economic benefit of the business community:

  • GBD&M - Town Centre - a Separate Rate on all commercial and industrial properties within the Town Centre of Gawler.
  • GBD&M - Non Town Centre - a Separate Rate on all commercial and industrial properties outside the Town Centre of Gawler.

You can find out more information on the Gawler Business Development Group by visiting their website.