Small Business Friendly Council

The Town of Gawler is a proud participant of the Small Business Friendly Council Initiative and is a signatory of the Australian Supplier Payment Code.

The Small Business Friendly Council Charter is an initiative of the Office of the Small Business Commissioner.

As a participant of this Charter, Council is committed to:

  1. Implementing activities to improve the operating environment for small business within Council’s area.
  2. Establishing a business advisory group (if one does not already exist) to assist Council’s understanding of small business in its area;
  3. Implementing a procurement policy which recognises and supports local small businesses wherever possible.
  4. Paying undisputed invoices from small businesses within 30 days.
  5. Implementing a timely and cost effective dispute resolution process to manage disputes.

Signed Charter Agreement For Small Business Friendly Council Initiative

In October 2019, the Small Business Commissioner launched the Open to Business – Making Roadworks Work Guidelines for Government Contractors and Businesses which provides pro-active ways business and State and Local Government can work together when roadworks are occurring to minimise the impact on local business.  The guidelines can be found here.

Australian Supplier Payment Code

The Australian Supplier Code is an initiative of the Australian Business Council.

As a signatory to the Code, Council is committed to:

  1. Pay small business suppliers within 30 days (subject to conditions)
  2. Pay all suppliers on time
  3. Provide clear guidance about payment procedures to suppliers
  4. Work with suppliers to improve invoicing and payments practices
  5. A process for resolving payment disputes and complaints
  6. Basic reporting on company policies and practices in place to comply with the Code.