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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

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For more than 40 000 years the Kaurna people have occupied the land of the Adelaide and Adelaide Plains region. Linked by a spiritual connection to the land, Kaurna knowledge and history has been handed from generation to generation through Songlines.

Songlines are intricate maps of land, sea and country that describe travel and trade routes, the location of waterholes and the presence of food. Aboriginal language groups are connected through the sharing of Songlines that have been passed down for thousands of years and are central to the existence of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. They are imperative to the preservation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural practices.

 A map of Kaurna Country can be found Here

The Town of Gawler continues to support and implement a range of initiatives to recognise and acknowledge the contribution that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people make to the community.

Our vision for reconciliation is about building respect, understanding and dialogue between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people, with a focus on creating environments where interactions and meaningful relationships can occur.