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Dsc 8776

Gawler has a rich tradition of being a significant place where people come together and embrace the concept of community – shared attitudes, values and identity. For thousands of years the Kaurna people used Gawler and in particular the junction of the North and South Para and Gawler Rivers for food, shelter and importantly as a significant meeting place. The idea of Gawler as a community meeting place has continued since European settlement and remains a key aspect of modern and contemporary Gawler.

There is a high level of activity within Gawler throughout the year that provides a broad range of opportunities for members of the community to be engaged, within their local environment. These events, activities and programs are delivered in many different ways and by many different organisations, such as community and service groups, businesses and Council. While the variety in activities and events that this whole of community approach provides a positive for the Gawler community it also poses challenges. These activities, events and programs tend to occur in an ad hoc manner. This can contribute to issues around inconsistent delivery, support and a lack of coordination relating to the timing and promotion of events.