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Mayor's Young Womens Leadership Program

The program employs a blended learning methodology based around peer knowledge-sharing, practical workplace experiences in a variety of settings and personal reflection.

Throughout the program, learning outcomes are related back to the day-to-day challenges of each participant ensuring maximum exposure to a variety of leadership styles. This process is further enhanced through the mentor/sponsor relationship.

The flexible program will comprise several 1:1 sessions with mentor and mentee in addition to job shadowing opportunities to allow discussion on leadership styles. The aim of the program is twofold. Participants enhance their confidence and capabilities whilst developing lasting connections with their peers. Throughout the program, participants generate personal Action Plans with the support of their mentor/sponsor. This process assists students to operationalise learning outcomes and goals.

Working alongside a respected community/ business leader creates a safe and supportive environment for exploring one’s developmental needs and career aspirations. The active involvement of a sponsor helps to align the participant’s aspirations with real time exposure and subsequent awareness of how good leaders achieve effective outcomes.

Mentoring is a development-orientated initiative. The role of the mentor is to provide insight, and to guide and advise the student in their development during the program. Mentors typically assume the role of the trusted adviser based on their own professional experience and knowledge of the business or industry or community group. The mentor is not necessarily responsible for the performance of the student, but through experience can help fast track their learning and support their leadership development.

Participant eligibility
• Resident of Gawler
• Aged 18-35 women

It is envisaged that there will be opportunities to meet with the Mayor that will explore career focus to ensure that participants capitalise on the program with an optimal understanding of their own aspirations and strengths as they relate to realising their potential.

This program is voluntary and will run for approx 6 months.

Enquiries and Expressions of Interests to be forwarded to
Ms Angela Savelli on telephone 8522 9221 or at

by COB Monday 5 February 2018.