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Outdoor Family Activities

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Outdoor Family Activities

Two Wells Road, Gawler
Tel: 8522 1877

Weather Permitting
11am onwards
Mon, Wed, Fri & Weekends
Ages 8 and above

Murray Road, Gawler
Skate Park, Playground, BBQ, Tennis
Open 7 days during daylight hours.

Elliot Goodger Memorial Park,
Gawler River Road, Willaston
Tel: 0402 542 039
Website: www.gawlerbmxclubinc
Open 7 Days

8km Walking/Cycling Path
To view the brochure click HERE

Lot 11 Eckerman Avenue
Gawler Heights
Tel: 8522 3871
Bookings essential
Saturday & Public Holidays, Other Days by arrangement during School Holidays