Pre-Application Planning and Building Advice

Council Planning and Building Staff are able to provide free preliminary advice to residents and landowners before a Development Application is lodged. Council Officers will be able to advise which Council controls apply to your proposal and answer any questions you may have about the development process. Talking to a Council Officer is a good starting point and should help you decide if your proposal will be acceptable to Council, or if you need to reconsider or modify your proposal.

It is strongly advised that you seek preliminary Council advice before lodging a development application particularly if it of a complex nature; for example if it involves the following:

  • multiple dwellings

  • agriculture

  • land divisions

  • change of land use (eg converting a residence into an office)

  • industrial and commercial developments

  • other complex development proposals

Please be aware that this free service is not able to provide a detailed assessment of your application and is available only to assist and guide applicants on development controls prior to lodging a Development Application. Any favourable indication given by Council staff in regards to your proposal before a Development Application is lodged is not to be taken as Development Approval. For information on lodging a Development Application click here.

If you have a preliminary development proposal that you wish to discuss with a Planning Officer, you can email Please attach any plans or drawings that communicate what you are proposing. A Planning Officer will review it and will generally be in touch with you within two weeks.

Alternatively, if you wish to speak to a Planning or Building Officer over the phone, they can be contacted on (08) 8522 9211.