New Development Applications

Please take the time to read this page, particularly if you have never lodged a Development Application before. Council will not be able to accept your application and/or delays may result if all of the required information and relevant fees are not provided up front. Therefore it is in your interest to ensure that everything is provided when you first submit your application.

If you wish to submit documents for an existing Development Application, such as amended plans or Building Rules Consent documents, please use our Additional or Amended Information Upload Portal.

Please Read Before you Lodge:

All Development Applications must include a completed and signed Development Application Form.

As a minimum, you must provide the documents listed below with your application:

  • Current Certificate of Title (no more than 12 months old) – this can be obtained online from the SAILIS website for a small fee
  • Site Plan (minimum scale 1:200)
  • If a structure is proposed - Floor plan and Elevations (minimum scale 1:100)
  • If applying for Building Rules Consent – All relevant Technical Specifications (eg manufacturer’s span tables, engineers report etc)
  • Payment of Development Application fees (refer to Development Application Fees section below).

If you are building a minor residential structure (eg shed, carport, verandah) please go to our Basic Requirements for Plans page which outlines what you need to provide with your application.

Information required for other types of development (dwelling additions, swimming pools, commercial development, regulated tree removal etc) will vary depending on what is proposed. To find what is required for these applications, please visit our Development Fact Sheets page.

You may also include any additional documentation that will give us a greater understanding of the proposed development (for example photographs, letters, arborist reports). Please note that Council may request further information from you during assessment of your application.

All Development Applications require payment of a fee. Fees will vary depending on what is being proposed and various other factors, and can be difficult to work out if you are not familiar with the application process. If you do not know what fees you need to pay please contact Council’s Development Admin staff on 08 8522 9211 (press 1 when prompted), or if you wish to pay your fee via credit card you may complete the Credit Card Authorisation Form and tick the box granting Council permission to deduct the appropriate fees from your credit card.

If you are aware of the fees you need to pay for your Development Application, you can enter these fees and your credit card details on the Development Application Fee Schedule And Credit Card Authorisation Form.

Residential Code Applications

If you are applying for approval under the Residential Code, please use the Residential Code Application Form instead of Council's Development Application Form. For more information on the Residential Code please refer to the State Government's Residential Code Guide.

Building Safely Near Powerlines

All applicants must declare on the Application Form that their Development Application will not interfere with powerlines, and that a minimum distance from powerlines will be maintained by the proposed development.

In cases where no such declaration is made (i.e. when a proposal does not comply with the minimum setback distance) the application must be referred to the Office of the Technical Regulator for direction (referral fee applies).

For more information on the minimum setback requirements, please visit this page or contact the Office of the Technical Regulator on (08) 8226 5500.

Building over Easements

Building work is generally not permitted over easements. If you need to construct a building over an easement, approval (in writing) must be obtained from the authority that has control of the easement. The Certificate of Title will detail any easements which may be located on your land and which authority has the benefit of that easement(s).


Sometimes an encumbrance specifying special building requirements may be registered on the Certificate of Title for your property. These requirements may include the use of certain building materials, fencing designs or distances from boundaries. You should check the Certificate of Title to ensure you are not restricted by such an encumbrance.

Please note that Council does not enforce private encumbrances between landowners and developers.

Application assessment times can vary greatly depending on various factors including:

  • the location of the property
  • the type of development
  • whether public notification and/or referrals are required
  • staff workloads

The quality and accuracy of the information you provide with your application can also affect the time taken to assess your application. Significant delays often result if insufficient information is provided when you lodge your application.

While we acknowledge that most people want their applications assessed as soon as possible, we must assess every application in the order that they are submitted. We will try our best to complete assessment of your application at the earliest opportunity.

Below are the statutory timeframes as prescribed by the Development Act 1993 throughout South Australia, in which time Council must complete assessment of your application (notwithstanding delays caused by failure to provide adequate information at lodgement, failure to pay application fees, the time taken for the applicant to provide requested additional information, and so forth).

Planning Assessment (Development Plan Consent):

- Merit applications (most common):

- Complying applications:

8 weeks

2 weeks

Building Assessment (Building Rules Consent):4 weeks
Land Division Consent:12 weeks


You will need to have your completed Development Application Form and all of your plans and documentation saved onto your computer before you use this facility.

If you need help lodging your Development Application electronically, please refer to our Electronic Development Application Lodgement Guide.

Alternatively, you may post your Development Application to: Town of Gawler Development Services PO Box 130 GAWLER SA 5118. Otherwise you may lodge your application in person at the Town of Gawler Administration Centre located at 43 High Street, Gawler East.

Please note that if an application is received electronically after business hours it will be deemed to have been received the following business day.

For further assistance with lodging a Development Application please call our Development Services staff on 08 8522 9211 (press 1 when prompted) or email