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Town Services

Services listed below are applied to Council assets.

Bluestone Quarry Rd Footpath Construction Boxing Out For Footpath Construction 29 01 2015

Functions and Key Activities of Town Services

Concrete Works
• Build new foot path construction - concrete
• Build new civil construction, eg Carparks and Willaston Cemetery
• Replacement and maintenance works to curb and cutter, footpath and all concrete customer service requests (CRM’s)
• Willaston Cemetery grave preparation and backfill.

Road Works
• New build footpath construction - concrete
• New build civil construction, e.g. carparks and Willaston Cemetery
• Replacement/Maintenance works to curb and gutter, footpath, all concrete CRM’s
• Willaston Cemetery grave preparation and backfill.
• New build footpath construction - asphalt
• New build civil construction, e.g. carparks and Willaston Cemetery
• Replacement/Maintenance works to road pavement, footpath, all road CRM’s
• Unsealed road patrol grading
• Rubble Road Re-sheeting
• Road shouldering
• Water table maintenance
• Pipe driveway & culvert maintenance

Contracted Services
• Street sweeping
• Gross pollutant trap, site entry pit and trash rack cleaning
• Stormwater pump assembly preventative maintenance

Arboriculture Works
• Tree removal and scheduled pruning
• Tree inspections
• Tree planting
• Tree watering
• All tree related CRM requests

Parks and Open Space Work
• Sports-field and irrigated turf maintenance
• Garden bed maintenance
• New build/renewal park fence construction
• New/renewal garden bed planting
• New/renewal irrigation installation
• Playground audits
• Non irrigated reserve slashing
• Road slashing
• Key garden related CRM requests

• Irrigation Maintenance Monitoring (central controller management, meter reading and IPOS reporting)
• Irrigation system repairs and maintenance
• New installation auditing, superintending

Town Works
• Opening public facilities
• Opening and cleaning public amenities
• Public refuse bin collection
• Public bin cleaning
• New/renewal of town signage
• Town and park furniture replacement and repair
• All rapid response duties
• Majority of Maintenance Requests attendance Attendance to vandalism
• Illegal dumping pick up
• Minor council building repairs
• Council event preparation
• Cemetery ashes and plaque installation