Addressing Council Meetings


Council will receive and consider Petitions at meetings and recommend they are presented in the correct format.

A Petition to Council must:

  1. be legibly written, typed or printed;
  2. clearly set out the request or submission of the petitioners;
  3. include the name and address of each person who signed or endorsed the petition; and
  4. be addressed to Council and delivered to the principal office of the Council.

How To Present A Petition To Council (234 KB)


Deputations need approval in advance of the meeting. A written request to the Chief Executive Officer including a summary of the deputation should be received, no later than 2 weeks prior to the meeting date. There is 5 minutes set aside for each deputation.

Public Open Forum

The Public Open Forum has a time limited of up to 20 minutes. This session provides an opportunity for people in the gallery to make a statement to Council or to ask questions.

The time available will be allocated to the speakers on an equal basis with the provisions of a maximum 5 minutes per speaker. Any extension will need the leave of the Council. Therefore, if there are five (5) people that want to participate in the Public Open Forum then a maximum of 4 minutes each will be allocated.

The Mayor will ask at the meeting for the names of people wishing to participate in the Public Open Forum.

*Please note that the Public Open Forum is not available during electronic Council Meetings.