Land Development

This information is relevant to Architects, Building Designers and Engineers in the preparation of documentation for Development Applications or Civil Engineering Works and the general public for any kind of construction you may wish to undertake on Council land (eg. driveways, drainage, trench reinstatement, footpath reinstatement).

To assist developers and industry consultants in the creation of new land developments and associated infrastructure and open space assets, the Town of Gawler provides the following guidelines:

  • Town of Gawler Standards and Requirements for Land Development/Land Division Guidelines can be viewed HERE
  • Addendum 1 to the Town of Gawler Standards and Requirements for Land Development/Land Division Guidelines can be viewed HERE
  • Bond Agreement for Prescribed Requirements for Land Development/Land division document can be viewed HERE
  • A Checklist for Practical Completion Walkovers can be found HERE
  • Open Space Guidelines are currently under development.

During the land development process, residents typically install a driveway crossover to access their properties and a stormwater pipe to the street kerb. Unless this development is authorised under the Development Act, authorisation should be sought from the Council through submitting a Section 221 Application for Permit to Alter/Occupy a Road. The Town of Gawler provides standard details for both of these installations (refer Civil Standard Details below).

Additional Information

Stormwater not only creates a nuisance but it can also contribute to structural defects and create an unhealthy condition. Unless subject of a recent development application, where stormwater from a site is affecting neighbouring properties, it is a civil matter to be dealt with between the property owners.

Property owners should be aware that if the disposal of water from their site affects a building structurally, then they might be held liable for damages in the Civil courts.

Basically the simple rules of water disposal should be followed:

  • Discharge away from all buildings.
  • Discharge away from all boundaries.
  • Don't allow water to pond or create an unhealthy condition.
  • Water must not flow across a footpath area or the verge.
  • Provide a kerb or spoon drain where paving falls towards the boundary.
  • Water shall be prevented from flowing back into the building.

The building Code of Australia (BCA2004) is the current legislation governing stormwater disposal. Refer to F1.1, Part and AS/NZS3500.3.2.

The Town of Gawler requires that stormwater from all roofs, gutters, downpipes, paved areas and garden areas be drained to the street watertable through steel, concrete or class 12 PVC pipes or steel box sections located below the level of the footpath.

Council do not provide pipe covers, but Council will cut the kerb to accommodate pipes free of charge, however it is the owner's responsibility to reinstate the kerb once the works are complete. Contact Council on 8522 9211 to have the kerb cut.

During the land division process, developers may wish to submit detailed engineering or landscape documentation for assessment purposes usually after development plan consent has been granted.

Please submit this detailed design documentation by clicking HERE.

Customer Service Request can be submitted online HERE, via email, contacting Council Customer Service on 8522 9211 or in person at Gawler Administration Centre, 43 High Street, Gawler SA 511