Gawler East Link Road


Road Works on Main North Road

Road works on Main North Road, near the Gawler Homemaker Centre and Gawler Green Shopping Precinct, has recently intensified.

These works, on the western side of Main North Road, are part of the Gawler East Link Road Project works and also associated with the Main North Road/Tulloch Road Upgrade project.

For further information on these works, and an overview on the proposed traffic staging which will be occurring through to early 2020, please follow this link.

Your patience is appreciated in observing the reduced speed limits for everyone's safety


Potts Road Detour

A reminder to all motorists who use Potts Road that a detour is in place, from Monday 29 April 2019, as part of the Gawler East Link Road Project being delivered by DPTI. Motorists can still head east on Potts Road however people wanting to head west, between Mueller Drive and Main North Road need to take one of the signposted detour routes.

Click for details of the detours and staging plans for road widening on Potts Road.

Please also observe the reduced speed limits for everyone's safety.


South Para River Bridge - Time Lapse

Footage supplied courtesy of DPTI


In the 2015-16 Budget, the State Government announced $55 million for the construction of the Gawler East Link Road (GELR) Project. In February 2018, Bardavcol were announced as the successful Tenderer for the design and construct contract with DPTI. Construction commenced in late 2018, following substantial design works, and works are expected to be completed within 2020.

The GELR will:

  • Support planned residential development in the Gawler East Development Area, as identified in the 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide, the Gawler Growth Areas Transport Framework 2009 and the Town of Gawler Development Plan
  • Provide traffic with direct access to Main North Road without travelling through the Gawler town centre, reducing travel times, reducing the likelihood of crashes and cutting the vehicle emissions caused by travel delays
  • Provide economic and social benefits for Town of Gawler residents and support local jobs over the life of the project.

Following an intensive review process to consolidate and consider all findings, issues and opportunities, it was determined the best outcome for the Gawler East Link Road is to follow the State Government (DPTI) Alignment.

To view a copy of the latest concept plan for the Gawler East Link Road Project, please click here.

Design works are largely reaching completion including:

  • Detailed design packages for majority of the civil and structural works
  • Landscape design is continuing
  • Acoustic modeling is underway

Construction works are now well underway with:

  • Utility services have been relocated on Main North Road, Potts Road and Calton Road.
  • Major earthworks have been undertaken between Potts Road and South Para River which are now continuing through to Calton Road.
  • Bridge works have commenced at South Para River.
  • Potts Road road widening works has commenced and are ongoing.


Drone footage North of Potts Road (looking South) - Image supplied courtesy of DPTI


Drone footage North of One Tree Hill (looking North) - Image supplied courtesy of DPTI

Should you require further information about the GELR project, please contact DPTI on:

Telephone: 1300 282 939


Web: DPTI Project - GELR

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