Corporate Publications

The Town of Gawler produces a range of publications including our Annual Report, Master Plans and Strategies.

The Gawler Community Plan 2030+ is our community’s highest level strategic document and a reflection of our future aspirations for Gawler.

It is an evolving and living document, meant to be used at all levels of the Town of Gawler and informed by ongoing community consultation.

As Gawler continues to grow, documents such as the Community Plan will be crucial to enable our community and Council to be focused on maintaining our fundamental vision ‘Town of Gawler is a liveable, cohesive, active, innovative and sustainable community’.

Gawler Community Plan 2030+

The Town of Gawler has developed its Environmental Management Plan (EMP) to guide environmental performance within Council’s operational practices and planning activities. The EMP also provides a framework for Council to support environmental improvements through collaboration with community and business stakeholders.

The Environmental Management Plan establishes Council’s environmental vision, objectives and actions to guide practical and feasible environmental improvements. The five core focus areas include:

  • Built Environment
  • Resource Management
  • Climate Change
  • Riverine and Natural Environment
  • Community Culture.

Environmental Management Plan

Gawler is the major regional centre for the wider Barossa and Lower Mid North Region of South Australia. We are the fastest growing Local Government area in South Australia. Growing at a rate of nearly 2% per annum, which is twice the State average, many families and newly retired people are choosing to settle in our town which has a regional catchment of 110,000 people and growing.

Gawler is a designated growth area identified by the South Australian Government and this is likely to continue.

Town of Gawler's vision for the community is a 'liveable, cohesive, active, innovative and sustainable community'. To achieve this vision, Council has identified critical infrastructure and other initiatives that will build a strong, regional economy.

I therefore commend to you the iconic projects in this prospectus that will create economic prosperity for Gawler, the region and for South Australia.

These strategic projects deliver on regional, state and national social and economic policies that focus on creating jobs, a skilled workforce and strong community. Leveraging of existing investments, these projects will realise more than $670 million of economic benefits and create hundreds of jobs just in the construction phase alone.

As a strong local government team, we want to talk to you about how we can make this happen.

This is our goal … investment and jobs, it’s that simple.

To view the Gawler Invest Iconic Projects brochure click HERE

Gawler Rural Land Use and Infrastructure Investigation - Report 1

Gawler Rural Land Use and Infrastructure Investigation - Report 2

Rural Areas Statement of Intent

Formal Response from Minister Knoll Concerning the Rural Areas Statement of Intent - Letter

The Gawler Urban Rivers Project was initiated in 2009 with a goal to improve Gawler’s urban waterways, with a focus on the protection of river health, the conservation of biodiversity, and the provision of an interconnected and accessible parkland network.

This project was managed by the Town of Gawler with funding contributed by the Department of Regional Australia, Regional Development and Local Government under the Better Regions Program. The Gawler Urban Rivers Project has delivered to the Gawler community:
▪ 8km of shared bicycle and walking paths (to be known as Tapa Pariara, or the Gawler Rivers Path - see Figure ES.1);
▪ five new bridges and river crossings;
▪ weed removal and revegetation works;
▪ stream stabilisation works; and
▪ this Master Plan.

The Gawler Urban Rivers Master Plan has been formulated to provide the Gawler community with a guiding tool for the future management of Gawler’s river corridors. The Master Plan provides a review of river health, biodiversity, heritage and recreation studies, an analysis of key management issues, indentifies opportunities and recommends actions to maintain, improve and complement the unique attributes of Gawler’s urban rivers. Gawler Urban Rivers Master Plan

Council receives a large number of development applications relating to land divisions in new estates each year which contribute to the urban growth within the Town of Gawler.

Each new land division creates public realm infrastructure that is required to support these new communities. The aim of the Guideline is to communicate standards and requirements (ie quantity and quality of open space and associated infrastructure) for open space areas that aligns with Council’s standard operational service levels.

The Design Manual outlines Council’s standardised materials and furniture suites for use within open spaces and civic areas. The Open Space Guideline and associated documents are available for download below.

A series of Fact Sheets have been created as quick reference for:

  • Tree Species Guide
  • Roadside Verges
  • Steep Creeks
  • Bond & Infrastructure Agreements
  • Open Space Checklist – Approvals and Handover

If you require further information relative to the Open Space Guideline, please contact The Town of Gawler:

By phone: 8522 9211

In person: Gawler Administration Centre, 43 High Street, Gawler SA 5118

Via email: