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Use of Community Land for Commercial Fitness

The Town of Gawler plays a key role in providing recreational opportunities through the provision and management of Community Land and supporting infrastructure. Community Land is primarily for community use, with commercial activities not to overly restrict community access.
Consultation Dates:
Opened 28 May 2018 — Closed 22 Jun 2018


Commercial activities, including fitness training conducted on Community Land are to be managed in accordance with Section 200 of the Local Government Act 1999 and Council’s Community Land Management Plans. Council will issue permits for commercial fitness training on Community Land in a fair and equitable manner, in accordance with the Policy and Guidelines.

Council is inviting feedback from the community and stakeholders on the proposed permit charges and following documents related to the ‘Use of Community Land for Commercial Fitness Training’ within the Town of Gawler:
- Draft Policy
- Draft Guidelines
- Draft Application Form

The following permit charges are proposed for the 'Use of Community Land for Commercial Fitness Training':

Annual Permit - $250

One Off Permit - $50

There has in recent times been an increase in demand for commercial fitness trainers to provide assistance in enhancing public health and well-being. Council, in supporting the use of community open space for commercial fitness activities, recognises the need to coordinate and plan the provision and maintenance of open space to manage the potential impacts of activities and ensure equitable use of land.

The increase in commercial fitness training throughout Gawler has identified the following issues that are addressed within the Policy:
- Equity of access issues
- Impact on the asset and inappropriate use of infrastructure
- Impact to local residents
- Public Liability concerns

The Use of Community Land for Commercial Fitness Policy and Guidelines have been developed to outline the requirements for commercial fitness providers in order to obtain a permit for the use of various locations within the Town of Gawler.

The Policy and Guidelines have been established to ensure that commercial fitness activities are conducted in a manner that reduces their impact on public open space and local residents. This is through the identification of locations within Gawler, deemed most suitable for this type of activity.

This Policy does not apply to any other commercial activity on Community Land and also does not apply to any fitness training activity that is not of a commercial nature or fitness training activities that do not occur on Community Land.

Feedback can be provided in the following ways:
Online: here
Post: Town of Gawler, PO Box 130, Gawler SA 5118
Phone: 8522 9211

Consultation closes 5pm Friday 22 June 2018