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Road Closure - Unformed Portion of Knight St, Willaston

Consultation Dates:
Opened 23 Sep 2019 — Closes 21 Oct 2019


In accordance with section 10 of the Roads (Opening & Closing) Act, 1991, NOTICE is hereby given that the Town of Gawler proposes to make a Road Process Order to CLOSE the following road: In the Hundred of Mudla Wirra, being a strip of public road, Willaston being allotment 4 in Filed Plan 6866 generally situate dividing allotment 17 in Deposited Plan 22122 from allotment 18 in Filed Plan 154719 allotment 17 in Filed Plan 154718 and allotment 101 in Deposited Plan 115769 and marked ‘A’ on Preliminary Plan 19/0030.

It is proposed that the portion of road to be closed marked ‘A’ be transferred to Gelmay Ply Ltd ACN 147 895 109 and merged with allotment 17 in Deposited Plan 22122.

A preliminary plan of the proposal, and a statement, are available for public inspection at the Town of Gawler Council Office, 43 High Street Gawler East between the hours of 9.00am and 5.00pm, Monday to Friday or at the Adelaide office of the Surveyor-General during normal office hours.

Any person may object to the proposal (and any adjoining landowner or other person substantially affected by the proposed road closure may apply for an easement relative to the closure). Such objection (or application for an easement) must be made in writing to the Town of Gawler WITHIN 28 DAYS OF THE DATE OF THIS NOTICE. If a submission is made, the Town of Gawler is required to give notice of at the time and place at which a meeting will be held to consider the matter, so that the person making the submission (or a representative) may attend to support the submission, if desired. Any submission must set out the full name and address of the person making the submission, and must be fully supported by reasons (and any application for the grant of an easement must give full particulars of the nature and location of the easement and, where made by a person as the owner of adjoining or nearby land, specify the land to which the easement is to be annexed). A copy of the submission must be forwarded to the Surveyor-General at Adelaide.

The Council will be considering submissions at the Ordinary Council Meeting, 22nd October 2019 7pm, at the Gawler Civic Centre, 89-91 Murray St, Gawler.

Dated 19th September, 2019


Henry lnat, Chief Executive Officer