Boundary Reform

Boundary Reform

A change to state government legislation in January 2019 means Council is now able to consider and seek boundary realignment to better meet the needs of our whole community. Council can see strong economic, social and environmental reasons for presenting a proposal to the SA Boundaries Commission requesting a change in Gawler's footprint. The time is right for Gawler to talk about boundary reform, both in terms of coordinated urban growth for the region and so we can maintain our town, steeped in rich South Australian and local history.
Consultation Dates:
Opened 26 Aug 2020 Closed 07 Oct 2020


Proposed Changes

Have your say on Boundary Reform by completing our survey, providing a written submission or attending an open forum.

Gawler's Proposal for Boundary Reform has been developed with the intention of forming one community, with one Council to provide services as we grow and prosper.

The greater Gawler area is estimated to increase in population from its current size of more than 23,500 to up to 60,000 by 2040. Gawler currently provides facilities and services to an estimated 110,000 people living beyond the Town of Gawler council area.

New legislation provides Council with an important opportunity to put forward a case on behalf of the community so we can continue to provide services and infrastructure to our residents, businesses, visitors and community into the future.

Council were given the green light to proceed to Stage 2 of the Boundary Reform process by the South Australian Local Government Boundaries Commission on the basis of its initial Gawler Boundary Change Proposal.

The following are some key points for your information in relation to Council’s Proposal and seeking boundary reform:

  • Boundary reform could realign the footprint of Gawler to include adjacent areas that are seen as part of the Gawler community.
  • Areas suggested to be included in Gawler are Concordia Growth Area, Hewett, Kalbeeba, Gawler Belt (portion of), Evanston Park, Reid and Hillier.
  • Areas suggested to be removed from Gawler are Bibaringa and Uleybury.
  • These proposed changes to boundaries would be investigated by the Local Government Boundaries Commission (an independent body) if Council elects to proceed this way.
  • Council would fund the investigation as the initiating Council.
  • The proposed realignment would allow Council to provide more efficient and effective services to the community in an economically thriving community.

Council welcomes your comments on:

  • Town of Gawler’s Boundary Reform Proposal (link below); and
  • Whether this Proposal should be presented to the Boundaries Commission for it to further investigate?

The following documents are provided in links below for your information:

  • Boundary Reform Brochure
  • Gawler's Stage 1 - Boundary Change Proposal
  • Response from SA Local Government Boundaries Commission to Town of Gawler  - approval to proceed to a General Proposal.

Watch the video of Mayor Karen Redman and CEO Henry Inat announcing the Community Consultation and talking about Boundary Reform.

Also you can find media releases, information on Council decisions, FAQs and other useful information on our website here:

Please take the opportunity to complete the Boundary Survey to provide us with your feedback.

Written submissions are also welcome and can be lodged via the following methods:

  • Post – to PO Box 130, Gawler SA 5118
  • Over the counter – Town of Gawler Administration Centre, 43 High Street, Gawler East
  • Email -
  • Your Voice Gawler (via 'Make an online submission' below)

In addition, community members can attend one of two public forums to be held at the Gawler Sport and Community Centre, Nixon Tce Gawler at 7pm:

  • Monday the 21 September 2020;  and
  • Monday the 28 September 2020.

You can access a recording of the public forum held on the 21 September 2020 here

You can access the recording of the public forum held on the 28 September 2020 here.

All comments must be received by 5pm on Wednesday 7 October 2020.

Henry Inat
Chief Executive Officer

Question on Notice from Boundary Reform Public Forum held on the 21 September 2020

Question: The Gawler Boundary Reform Proposal states that in Hewett there are currently small undeveloped pockets  - what is this referring to? Is this the parks or along the river edge?

Answer: The small pockets referred to are land that has been zoned for residential housing developments but as yet have not had homes built on them.  There are two small pockets noted by Gawler Council.  This does not refer to any areas of open space within Hewett.


Council received the submissions from the Public Consultation at a Special Meeting held on the 3 November 2020 and heard verbal presentations from three community members.

Council is now working to finalise a draft General Proposal for Boundary Change with the intention of continuing to pursue boundary reform for Gawler Local Government Area.