Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act 1991 gives you a legally enforceable right of access to documents held within the Town of Gawler’s possession. The purpose of Freedom of Information (FOI) is to make the business of Government open and accountable to all.

For more information about the documents held by Council, our functions and the last years’ applications, please see our Freedom of Information Statement.

To apply for access or amendment of records, please complete the Freedom of Information application form at the bottom of the page and submit in any of the below ways:

  • By mail:
  • By post: PO Box 130, Gawler SA 5118
  • In person: Gawler Administration Centre, 43 High Street Gawler East SA 5118

Council has 30 calendar days to complete your application and if necessary, an extension to this may be sought on negotiation with the applicant within the first 20 days of the application being lodged.

If a document is exempt from disclosure, the Council may decide to deny you access to all or parts of the document. We will explain why access has been refused and inform you of your rights to appeal in that regard. The application for Internal Review form is located at the bottom of the page.

Fees and charges

The fees applicable to any Freedom of Information application are outlined in the table below and are in accordance with the Freedom of Information (Fees and Charges) Regulations 2018.



Application Fee: Access to documents (must be paid on lodgement of application)


Application Fee: Internal Review


Cost for our work accessing and processing documents relating to your personal affairs

*Only the first 2 hours are free. We may then charge $14.10 per 15 minutes


Cost for our work accessing and processing documents that are non-personal

$14.10/15 mins

Photocopies (per page)




If you have any queries or require assistance clarifying or lodging your request, please contact Council’s Freedom of Information officer on (08) 8522 9211.