Strategic Policy

This page covers the legislation that underpins Development Assessment processes in the Town of Gawler and throughout South Australia.

The Gawler (CT) Development Plan is the Town of Gawler's primary development control document, through which Council guides and controls building work within the Town of Gawler. It is the formal policy statement which establishes the criteria used to determine 'appropriate' development within the Council area by dividing it into Zones and Policy areas, each of which have their own Objectives and Principles of Development Control.

Each Council has its own Development Plan which is unique to its area, considering effective and efficient use of land, ensuring land is allocated to serve the needs of the community and to promote high standards of development unique to the Council area. The Plan promotes the best fit solutions which reach a compromise between the ideal and the practical.

Click here to access or download a copy of our Development Plan.

Development Plans are amended through a process known as a Development Plan Amendment (DPA). This process involves a public consultation process where members of the public are invited to make a submission either in support or opposition to a proposed DPA.

Any DPAs currently on consultation in the Town of Gawler can be viewed via our Public Consultation Page

Sections of land adjoining Gawler River, North Para River and South Para River have been identified as being susceptible to indundation by flood waters. This land is therefore referred to as the Gawler Rivers Flood Plain Area.

In July 2013 the Town of Gawler's Development Plan was amended to include additional policies relating to development within the Gawler Rivers Flood Plain, which can have severe repercussions for the development of land within the Gawler Rivers Flood Plain Area.

If you wish to build on your land and it is within the Gawler Rivers Flood Plain area, you are encouraged to read pages 31-41 of the Town of Gawler Development Plan.

If you are purchasing land identified as being in the Gawler Rivers Flood Plain Area, it is strongly recommended that you seek independent technical advice as to potential impacts on your land purchase, property purchase or proposed development prior to the purchase of the land.

You may view the maps below, or the maps in the Development Plan via the link above to determine if your property is within the flood plain. If you have any further questions relating to the Gawler Rivers Flood Plain please contact us on 08 8522 9211.

Gawler 1:100 Year ARI Flood Inundation Map

Hillier 1:100 Year ARI Flood Inundation Map

The South Australian Government is currently implementing significant reforms to the State Planning System.

The first of these reforms has already been implemented, which is the change of the Council Development Assessment Panel (CDAP) to the Council Assessment Panel (CAP). However there are many more to follow.

For further information on these reforms please visit the SA Planning Portal Website.

The workshop presentation concerning the Planning and Design Code held on 17 February 2020 is attached via the following link Planning & Design Code Workshop - February 2020.

An analysis prepared by Council regarding the Draft Planning and Design Code and how it is applied to the Town of Gawler is attached via the following link Code Analysis Table.