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Fire & Emergency Services

Beginning April 1st until the 30th of November (unless otherwise advised by the CFS), Rural land owners require a permit to burn under the Environment Protection Act 1993.

For the latest information on the Fire Danger Season dates please visit the CFS website.

No burning is permitted in the township area (excludes areas zoned Rural in the Town of Gawler Development Plan)

Burning is only permitted in the non-township area  between 10am and 3pm Mon - Sat (not on public holidays or Total Fire Ban Days)

  • Forward any Fire works permits to - Safework SA G.P.O Box 465, Adelaide SA 5001

Fire Danger Season: Generally from 30 November to 30 April - refer CFS website for latest update.

Beginning April 1st until the 30th of November, Rural land owners require a permit to burn under the Environment Protection Act 1993.

Notices are issued from October to November, to the owners/occupants of land to take action to remedy properties assessed to have an unreasonable risk of fire on the land.

Pursuant to Section 105(f) of the Fire and Emergency Services ACT 2005, Land owners are required to take action to protect the property on the land from fire, or to prevent or inhibit the outbreak of fire on the land, or the spread of fire through the land by; The clearing of flammable or potentially flammable undergrowth on the land to a maximum height of 10cm within fourteen (14) days, of receiving a Flammable Undergrowth Notice.

Definition - "Flammable Undergrowth means grass, weeds and any other growth which may become flammable if not destroyed in the ordinary course of the season."

If the owner/occupant of the land fails to comply with a notice served upon him/her pursuant to the above Act, council and its agents may enter upon the land and carry out the requirements of such notice. All rural properties are required to have a 4 metre fire break all around the perimeter of the property, even if the property owners have stock on the land, and a 20 metre fire break around any structures, buildings etc. on the property.

Any expense incurred by the council pursuant to the above Act may be recovered from the said owner/occupier. Council fees in such instances will be charged at an hourly rate for any properties over half an acre. The clearing of properties by burning is not permitted.