Section 221 Applications to Council

If residents are seeking to alter or occupy a road under the care and control of the Town of Gawler, a Section 221 Application form is required to be completed and provided to Council for assessment prior to any works taking place.

Section 221 Application Form can be downloaded, filled out and submitted via email,, or provided in hard copy to the Customer Service staff at the Gawler Administration Centre, 43 High Street Gawler SA 5118.

The main examples of altering or occupying a Council road include:

  • Requesting a skip bin on a road or verge
  • Tree removal requests on Council land (verge)
  • Installation of vegetation in a road verge during development of a new home / dwelling
  • Use of scissor lifts on a road to install signage on a commercial building
  • Installation of temporary traffic control devices when occupying a road
  • Private pipework on a road
  • Alteration to a roadway to create a driveway (if not part of a Development Approval),
  • Placement of private infrastructure on a road reserve (ie veranda posts, termite stations, etc)
  • Indirect water connections
  • Private property stormwater connections

A non-refundable fee of $82 is also required prior to the Section 221 assessment taking place.  Applicants can pay via credit card using the online form, or if paying by cash, visit the Customer Service staff at the Gawler Administration Centre.

Supporting Documentation

Additional documents may need to be provided to Council relevant to each Section 221 application.  These include:

  • Locality plans showing the location of the site
  • Dimensional works plans showing all features and proposed alteration
  • Traffic Management Plans showing all signage and traffic control devices
  • Certificate of Currency for Public Liability Insurance
    • NoteCouncil does not require public liability insurance to be attached for verge landscape works by property owners, however all risks and liabilities associated with any claim due to these works remains the responsibility of the property owner in all respects.

Uploading of Supporting Documentation

If the Section 221 application requires the submission of supporting documentation, applicants can use the Council portal to directly upload all of the required documents.

How do I know if my application has been received by Council?

Council staff will send an acknowledgement email to the applicant and provide a Reference Number relative to each individual application.  For updates on the progress of an application, please call Customer Services on 8522 9211 and quoting the reference number is appreciated.

Please note: Council aims to process Section 221 applications within 2 weeks of lodgement of the application with Council.

How do I know my application has been reviewed?

Once Council staff have reviewed the application and an outcome has been confirmed, a formal letter will either be posted or emailed to the applicant.  The detail in the letter will provide the applicant with a Permit Number for the approved works, awareness to review the General Conditions and Provisions on the application form as well as any further Special Conditions required to complete the works.

Works can not begin unless formal approval has been provided to the applicant from Council.

What do I do if I am still unsure of the process?

If applicants are unsure how to proceed, please call Customer Service on 8522 9211 and ask for assistance.  Applicants can also email with the query.