The Town of Gawler undertakes various types of procurement processes to source goods/products, services or works (construction or maintenance).

The Town of Gawler adheres to the following Procurement Principles:

  • Encouragement of open and effective competition
  • Obtaining value for money
  • Probity, ethical behaviour and fair dealing
  • Accountability, transparency and reporting
  • Ensuring compliance with all relevant legislation
  • Development and support of Local Business and Industry
  • Environmental Protection
  • Work Health and Safety
  • Management of Procurement and Contract Risk

Council's Procurement Policy can be found HERE

The Procurement Policy defines the methods by which Council can acquire goods/products, services and works, taking into consideration the above Procurement Principles and to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved for Council.  Under the Procurement Policy, the following thresholds apply:


Possible methods of procurement

Up to $10,000

Direct purchasing or verbal quote

$10,001 - $100,000

Request for Quotation (minimum 3 written quotes)
Panel Contract (direct purchase or select request for quotation)

$100,001 and above

Request for Tender (open)
Request for Proposal (open)
Expression of Interest (open)
Select Request for Tender (under a Panel/Strategic Alliance contract)

Tendering Opportunities

The Town of Gawler has developed a plan of intended procurements for the 2020/21 financial year.  The Procurement Plan has been developed to provide suppliers with an indication of potential tendering opportunities and timeframes.  This Plan is subject to change and will be reviewed and updated on a quarterly basis.  

The 2020/21 Procurement Plan can be found HERE.

All public tenders are advertised through the SA Tenders Website. Please ensure you are registered on this website to be notified of tenders as they open.

The Town of Gawler has a strong focus on tangible local employment/local supplier engagement outcomes, where ever possible.

If you are a local supplier and would like to be considered for and/or would like further updates in regards to Council tendering opportunities, please send your contact details and a short description of your business to

Note to Prospective Tenderers:

For the 2020/21 financial year, a minimum weighting of 15% for Local Economic Benefit and Social Inclusion will be applied to all tender evaluations for procurements valued over $10,000.  Any commitments made by respondents in this regard will be included as an obligation within contract documentation and managed by Council accordingly.

Barossa Regional Procurement Group

The Town of Gawler has joined with 4 other Councils to create the Barossa Regional Procurement Group which aims to provide economic benefits to local businesses and the participating Councils. The participating Councils are:

  • The Town of Gawler
  • The Barossa Council
  • Light Regional Council
  • Adelaide Plains Council
  • Mid-Murray Council

More information is available at the Barossa Regional Procurement website HERE.

Standard Contract Terms and Conditions

The following links provide the Terms and Conditions for Purchase Orders as issued by the Town of Gawler.

The following links provide sample agreements for potential suppliers to consider when replying to request for quotes or request for tenders. These agreements are samples only and can not be used for any purpose than information provision.