Animal & Pest Management

A Plan has been prepared to guide animal management within the Town of Gawler until 2019 and in response to requirements of the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995 that requires Councils to prepare a plan relating to the management of dogs and cats within its area. The Plan replaces the 2007 – 2012 Dog and Cat Management Plan and predominately focuses on dogs and cats however it also includes other animals that are having a significant community or environmental impact.

The Plan was developed by a reference group that comprised Council staff and Elected Members. Stakeholder and Community input was sought through a consultation process undertaken in early 2014 which guided the development of the Plan and ensured it addressed priority animal management issues identified by community.

The plan is structured into the following four key areas of:

  1. Dog Management
  2. Cat Management
  3. Other Animal Management
  4. Plan Implementation

The Plan contains a total of 10 objectives under each of the four key areas relating to that area of animal management. To ensure the objectives are reached, 39 specific strategies are identified under each objective that provide more targeted outcomes. The Plan contains Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that will be used to monitor Council’s progress in achieving the animal management objectives identified in the Plan.

To view the plan click HERE