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Climate Emergency

Climate Emergency is a growing global movement that seeks to elevate climate change action to an emergency response, calling for strong and immediate response and action. The movement elevates business as usual emission reduction actions to a mass mobilisation of people and practices at the local level with a strong focus on advocacy and influence.

Town of Gawler is the first Council in South Australia to declare that we are facing a ‘Climate Emergency’

At the Council meeting held on the 22 January 2019, Town of Gawler joined a growing number of Councils in Australia and worldwide in declaring that we are facing a ‘Climate Emergency’ and that urgent action is required by all levels of government. The motion acknowledges that the Gawler Council Area is likely to be adversely affected by climate impacts, such as heat waves, bushfires, drought and floods according to local data and that provided by numerous reports and agencies.

The Town of Gawler recognises the importance of leading by example and will be developing an action plan to further enhance resilience and reduce climate impacts. The formulation of such a plan will include community consultation.

As a result a Climate Emergency Action Plan Working Group has been created with members ranging from representatives from the community, youth, elected members and Council staff.

The development of a Climate Emergency Action Plan provides a plan for how Council and the community will seek to respond to the emergency. The CEAP will identify the most strategic opportunities and actions which should be delivered at an appropriate scale within a timeframe that is elevated, providing immediate, effective and ongoing action with consideration for both Council corporate actions and Council actions to support the community.

The plan will examine the following:

  1. Risk mitigation and adaptation
  2. Climate Emergency mobilisation and leadership
  3. Energy efficiency
  4. Renewable energy and fuel switching
  5. Zero emissions transport
  6. Waste minimisation
  7. Adaption and resilience
  8. Engaging the community


Gawler Council has moved the following motion:

  1. Supports the Global Climate Strike 20-27 September 2019.
  2. Has declared a Climate Emergency and recognizes that our world is facing a Climate Crisis.
  3. Strongly encourages all in our Gawler community to support the Global Climate Strike by attending the Student Climate Strike rally in Victoria Square from 12 noon on 20 September, and the General Climate Strike rally in Victoria Square from 12 noon on 27 September. Gawler Council Demands Urgent Action On Climate Change and will produce 10 placards for use at the rally.


Click here the view the Council meeting minutes and resolution.

Click here to view the Town of Gawler Environmental Management Plan, which outlines strategies and actions being undertaken to address climate change.