Heritage Properties

Within the township of Gawler and surrounding areas there are hundreds of structures considered to be of historical significance. The structures may be State or Local Heritage places, Representative Buildings or simply located within a Historic Area Overlay. In some cases minor works to a Heritage Place and/or a property located in a Historic Area Overlay (including internal alterations, fences or painting) require approval from Council that would not otherwise be required.

If you are unsure whether your property is listed as a Heritage Place, Representative Building, or located within a Historic Area Overlay – you can look up your property on the SA Property and Planning Atlas or contact Council on 8522 9211.

Council offers a grant of up to $1,500 to assist owners of Local Heritage and Contributory Places with conservation work. This grant is subject to assessment and approval by Council staff and is available for actual conservation work to the building exterior only. To be eligible for the grant you must apply prior to undertaking the works, by completing this form.

Please contact us on 8522 9211 if you have any queries about this scheme.

Council provides a free Heritage Advisory Service to the community, with a Heritage Advisor available to the public every fortnight (generally every 2nd Wednesday) to provide advice on the following matters:

* Preliminary Development Application Heritage advice (often in conjunction with Council’s Planning staff)
* Design suggestions for improvements/renovations/repairs to Heritage Places
* Local Heritage Grant advice

If you would like to make an appointment with our Heritage Advisor, please contact us on 8522 9211.

Please note that the Heritage Advisor cannot give advice with respect to State Heritage listed items. For free advice with respect to State Heritage properties please contact the SA Government State Heritage Unit on (08) 8124 4960.

All development applications affecting State Heritage Places must be referred to the State Government's State Heritage Unit (Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources) as part of Council's assessment.

If you are intending to lodge a development application on a property that is State Heritage Listed, this information sheet may be useful to you.

You can also find some useful information on owning a heritage place by visiting the DEWNR Website.

If you have a property located in the Church Hill State Heritage Area, the Church Hill Development Guidelines and the Church Hill Management Plan may assist you in maintaining the heritage value of your property. This document has been prepared to assist Council and residents in the future planning for Church Hill State Heritage Area. The purpose of this document is to strengthen the existing policies and requirements, and provide design guidance with respect to signage, fencing, verandah, roofing, dwelling extensions, doors and windows, carports and new infill development within the area.

This information sheet also contains some useful information on the Church Hill State Heritage Area.

There are over 300 historic walls within the Township of Gawler and many are in poor condition, sometimes posing a safety risk or affecting the amenity of historic areas.

Council offers the Gawler Historic Walls Grant Scheme to assist owners in repairing and maintaining these walls. The guidelines, eligibility criteria and application form can be found by clicking here.

In 2007 Council commissioned the Historic Walls in the Public Environment – Gawler SA – Conservation Strategy. This document catalogues walls of historic importance in the Council area, identifies common construction and management problems, and suggests some of the best and cost effective methods of repairing, maintaining and preserving these walls.

The report and can be downloaded here.