Waste and Recycling

Council with its subsidiary NAWMA (Northern Adelaide Waste Management Authority) provide waste management services to the Town of Gawler.

If you would like a calendar posted to you in the mail, please call the NAWMA Customer Service Team on 8259 2100 otherwise hard copy calendars are available from the Gawler Administration Centre, 43 High Street, Gawler East

NAWMA’s new look kerbside bin collection calendars are now available from NAWMA's website

There are two different collection calendars for each council – Week 1 and Week 2. If you are unsure of which week your collection is, you can check here.

Calendars can also be downloaded here:
Nawma Collection Calendar 2021 Town Of Gawler Week 1
Nawma Collection Calendar 2021 Town Of Gawler Rural Week 2
Nawma Kerbside Bin Collection Map Streets List

Resource Recovery Centre

The Northern Adelaide Waste Management Authority has two Resource Recovery Centres (RRC) where residents of the Salisbury, Playford and Gawler Councils can donate, recycle and dispose of a range of items. https://www.nawma.sa.gov.au/resource-recovery/what-can-i-recycle/

For prices and further information including opening hours, please visit the NAWMA website.

Kerbside Collection Services


Town of Gawler Hard Waste Service 2020 – 2021

The Town of Gawler is continuing its Hard Waste Service for all residences (one pickup per dwelling) for 2020-2021.

The Hard Waste Service is limited to approximately 1530 services. Residents will have the ability to choose to have up to 2 cubic metres of eligible hard waste material collected from their property on a predetermined collection day, or drop-off one 2.1m x 1.5m x 2.0m single-axle (caged) trailer load to either:

  • NAWMA Resource Recovery Centre on Bellchambers Road, Edinburgh North (Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm or Saturday and Sunday 9am to 3pm)
  • Eco Waste Solution 101 Kelly Road, Willaston (Monday to Friday 7am to 5pm or Saturday 9am to 2pm)

Items suitable for hard waste collection include:

  • Furniture including carpets (must be rolled up) and mattresses.
  • Refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, dishwashers & small kitchen appliances.
  • Domestic household Items: e.g. toys, bikes, empty clean paint tins (with lids removed), car rims (not tyres) and other scrap metal.
  • Electronic items (anything with a cord).
  • Timber no longer than 2m, free of nails and bundled.
  • Cardboard flattened & tied in bundles of 10 or less.

Items NOT suitable for hard waste collection include:

  • General household waste or clothing.
  • Green waste.
  • Hazardous waste (e.g. asbestos, chemicals).
  • Car bodies/car parts.
  • Broken glass.
  • Ammunition, explosives or gas bottles.
  • Paint tins containing wet paint.
  • Construction/building materials, rocks or dirt.
  • Car tyres and gas cylinders.

Note: concrete, clay bricks and other masonry are only permitted in hard waste if you are using a hard waste drop-off voucher and taking material to a Resource Recovery Centre.

For more information, and how to apply to be part of the Hard Waste Service, please refer to NAWMA on 8259 2100 or online at www.nawma.sa.gov.au or alternatively contact Council on 8522 9211.

Food Organics Green Organics (FOGO)

The Town of Gawler is currently working with its partners to review the way in which food organics and green organics can be removed from landfill. https://www.nawma.sa.gov.au/resource-recovery/garden-food-waste

Soft Plastics Recycling

Soft Plastic Collection at Participating Supermarkets - REDcycle Program

Australians use millions of plastic bags every day. Most of these end up in landfill or find their way into waterways, along with other soft plastics such as bubble wrap and cling wrap. These plastics cannot go in kerbside recycling bins as they wreak havoc on machinery at recycling facilities. Of course, the most sustainable approach to the issue of our plastic surplus is to cut back on plastic packaging as much as possible. However, there is an alternative to throwing any soft plastics you do have in your rubbish bin. Simply collect your soft plastics and drop off at your nearest participating supermarket.

Plastic bag collection points in supermarkets are not solely for plastics bags, but for all soft plastics including

  • biscuit packets
  • bread bags
  • bubble wrap
  • cat and dog food bags
  • cereal box liners
  • snack bar wrappers
  • cling wrap
  • confectionary bags
  • frozen food bags
  • green bags
  • netting produce bags (remove metal clips)
  • pasta bags
  • plastic wrap from nappies and toilet paper
  • rice bags
  • zip lock bags
  • squeeze pouches (eg, yoghurt and baby food)

Please make sure the plastic is as clean and dry as possible!

If you are unsure of whether something can be placed in the soft plastics recycling bin, do the scrunch test: if the plastic can be scrunched into a ball it CAN be placed in the soft plastic collection points at participating supermarkets.

For further information visit REDcycle.

Local Waste Service - Eco Waste Solutions

Eco Waste Solutions is a family run and operated waste recycling facility in Willaston. This facility offers a local alternative to the residents of the Town of Gawler, accepting all hard waste and green waste. Eco Waste aims to incorporate recycling and reuse of waste products, making South Australia a cleaner greener place to live.

For further information including operating hours, email ecowaste@cbsbins.com.au or call 08 8524 1103.