2019 Animal Management Plan Review

2019 Animal Management Plan Review

Council is commencing the review of its Animal Management Plan 2014 – 2019. It is a requirement of the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995 for Councils to develop management plans relating to dogs and cats in their area that covers a 5 year period.
Consultation Dates:
Opened 15 May 2019 Closed 07 Jun 2019


Council’s 2014 Animal Management Plan expires in 2019 and as a result the review of the Plan is commencing this year. A copy of Council's Animal Management Plan is available HERE

The Animal Management Plan predominately focuses on dogs and cats, however it also includes other animals that are having a significant community or environmental impact.

The Plan is structured into the following four key areas of:
1. Dog Management
2. Cat Management
3. Other Animal Management
4. Plan Implementation

The Plan contains a total of 10 objectives under each of the four key result areas relating to that area of animal management. To ensure the objectives are reached, 39 specific strategies are identified under each objective that provide more targeted outcomes. The Plan contains Key Performance Indicators (KPI) developed to monitor Council’s progress in achieving the animal management objectives identified in the Plan.

Key Result Area 1: Dog ManagementObjective 1 - Decrease the number of unregistered dogs
Objective 2 - Encourage Responsible Dog Ownership
Objective 3 - Protect the Community from Dog Attacks and Dangerous Dogs
Objective 4 - Manage Barking Dogs
Objective 5 - Minimise the environmental impacts of cats
Objective 6 - Encourage Responsible Cat Ownership
Objective 7 - Reduce the negative impacts of pest birds in the community
Objective 8 - Manage Foxes and Rabbits
Objective 9 - Secure financial resources for implementing plan strategies
Objective 10 - Secure non-financial resources to implement the plan

Key Result Area 2: Cat Management

Key Result Area 3: Other Animal Management

Key Result Area 4: Plan Implementation

The animal management objectives outlined above support and align with the objectives of the Dog and Cat Management Act to encourage responsible dog and cat ownership, reduce public and environmental nuisance caused by dogs and cats and to promote the effective management of dogs and cats. Aside from the animal management objectives and strategies identified in the Plan the document also contains other information relating animal management and to the plans development.

You can help shape and direct Council's Animal Management Plan, services and actions relating to dog, cat and animal management. Members of the community are invited to provide feedback on the Animal Management Plan review by participating in a SURVEY.

Hard copy responses can also be submitted to Council marked Animal Management Plan Review and addressed to the Chief Executive Officer at PO Box 130, Gawler SA 5118.

Feedback via online and or hard copy must be received by close of business on 5 June, 2019.

For any information on the Animal Management Plan review please contact Council's Team Leader Environmental Services, Mr Jack Darzanos on 8522 9211.


2019 Animal Management Plan Review Survey - Friday 20 September 2019