PPRR Explained

PPRR Explained

In the Emergency Management Act 2004, PPRR are defined as:


Prevention: Any stage of emergency management planning which includes; risk assessment, hazard identification or implementation of measures to avoid the disaster. It can apply to actions taken to reduce or eliminate potential loss of life or damage to property and to protect economic development.

Preparedness: Actions taken to make arrangements or plans relating to a potential emergency situation. This includes any activity which plans to provide timely response and recovery actions in the event of a disaster.

Response: Any process by which immediate assistance is provided to individuals and sections of the community affected by an emergency. Response actions include the management of immediate issues related to the Emergency, the response phase is complete when people who are in immediate danger have been saved; property has been protected and an affected area has been rendered safe.

Recovery: This is the process by which affected individuals and the community are assisted in returning to a normal level of functioning following a disaster. This can be in the form of immediate short-term support providing assistance to those affected, medium-term assistance through restoration stages or long-term emotional support long after the recovery effort has ended.